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Robert Miles (“Children”) stirbt mit 47

Robert Miles oder mit bürgerlichem Namen Roberto Concina stirbt im Alter von 47 nach langer Krankheit. Der Produzent und DJ ist mit dem Track “Children” im Jahr 1996 weltweit berühmt geworden.

“DJ and Producer Roberto Concina better known professionally as Robert Miles has died.

DJMag Italia reports that a nasty disease took him away in the early hours of this morning (May 10 2017). Miles had achieved worldwide success with “Children” (1996) and his album “Dreamland” helped define a new sound called “progressive. His album alone won multi-platinum and gold in the world and “Children” has exceeded 5 million copies.

The testimony of a dear friend and colleague, Joe T Vannelli: “The tragic news of the death of a very talented artist of our time, makes me incredulous and upset. With him also it is a part of my life as an artist manufacturer. I will miss the fights, brawls, criticism, judgments but especially your talent in finding sounds and melodies unparalleled “.”