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Kunter:Bunt & Bugbear – Sample Surfer EP [KLANGEKSTASE005]


Watch the Klangekstase Release! We coming up next with a big package of solid tunes from young german Kunter:bunt and his jackin-friend Bugbear from Dusseldorf!
Enjoy the sounds from british female Producer Carbon Parlour, who is the owner of one of the hottest fidget labels in britain “bone idle records”, a fresh remix by irish KE-homie Campbell and our favourite talent Swerve, which build a big big big big big show with our stems! The Last track is a special one for us! It started as an experimental fun-work but we build it out and hope u like the killer ! Kunter:Bunt & Bugbear – Sample Surfer EP [KLANGEKSTASE005] weiterlesen


Hey Folks,

here we’re again and come with a brandnew Release from german kunter:bunt in boundle with a package of sick remixes from young talented british Swerve, german hailing Golden Toys and an original track from upcoming Tobias Nawrath with a jackin kunter:bunt Remix.
Don’t forget to listen to these tunes and play them live on your gigs, rock your gigs and bring the colors in your performance and show that music isn’t just a word. KUNTER:BUNT – KUNTERBUNT EP [KLANGEKSTASE004] weiterlesen


Yo Yo Yo, we’re back with some tight stuff from our young talendet russian Roby Howler.
With his big original tunes we bring a lot of serious sounding remixes from some well known artist. Italian support from the “Mass Brothers” who joined in February to the guys from Klangekstase and came with a big own Release in summer 2011, too. Also Roby gets local support from one of his best friends and Beatport-Chart approved guy “Sunko” and a third Remix from sound-allrounder and a lil bit crazy-sounding boy Swick from australia. So finally this is a big EP with big sounds from all over the world. Check it and support us!